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Craftsman Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman Hedge Trimmers

Craftsman is a brand sold by Sears Roebuck and Company.  Sears still sells these products today, however, they are private labeled.  Many Craftsman products are built by a different company than Sears, however, they are marked with the Craftsman brand.  Craftsman has a full line of products including: Air Compressors, Blowers, Chainsaws, Chippers, Cultivators, Edgers, Garage Door Openers, Generators, Hedge Trimmers, Lawn Mowers, Log Splitters, Pressure Washers, Snow Blowers, Tillers, Tractors, Trimmers, and Weed Wackers.

Popular Craftsman Hedge Trimmer models include: 

Craftsman 07174431000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07174905000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07179639000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07179441000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07179442000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07174832000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07174386000 Hedge Trimmer

Craftsman 07174294000 Hedge Trimmer



Hedge Trimmer Parts Manual 2013